branding / 3D illustration / art direction

Our in-house identity for the launch of Manège. We used a slightly modified "Agrandir" for our logo, a font we chose for its beautiful, lively, purposefully imperfect curves and for its simplicity.

We made four basic 3D shapes that we assembled together in various ways to create interesting collage-inspired symbols. We then used their vectorial counterparts and combined them with the type to obtain a multitude of graphic variations. The business cards, for example, take full advantage of this system and are readable upside down, thus highlighting the multiple possibilities and playfulness brought by the mix of 3D and graphic design.

Finally, we completed the art direction by adding some some vintage elements to the branding (grain, slightly offset colors) to show that 3D doesn't have to go hand in hand with cold, computer-like images but can be used to enhanced literally any project or style.